About Me


Photo by Caleb Eckert.

Hi there, nice to meet you.

Let’s assume we’ve had a nice, firm handshake and made pleasant small talk, and now it’s time for me to tell you a bit about myself.  

I’m a Shopping Editor and Manager at BuzzFeed.  I’ve been on the BuzzFeed Shopping team since I was hired as a fellow in 2017, and have since moved from fellow to Jr. Writer to Staff Writer to Associate Editor to Editor, and most recently Editor/Manager. I write posts about cool products available online, from reviews to roundups to “OMG I can’t believe this exists.” Check out all my recent work here.

In May 2017, I graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude from Haverford College, where I majored in English.  While at school, I found my voice as a writer and learned how to adjust that voice for everything from lighthearted pieces to academic essays.  For three years, I was a columnist for the online magazine College Fashion, which features content created by college girls around the country.  Through that position, I was able to create accessible and fun posts about fashion for my peers, and generated ideas for new writing every week.  During my senior year at Haverford, I took a course in creative nonfiction, where I honed my personal essay writing skills, and I also wrote an academic thesis about gender and time in “To Kill A Mockingbird.”  I pride myself on being a strong, versatile writer.

I have previously interned at and been published by two print magazines, Girls’ Life and Chicago Splash.  Both publications had smaller editorial teams and no editorial assistants, so I was able to fill that role.  At Girls’ Life, I wrote several digital pieces per day, assisted the editor-in-chief with administrative tasks, checked credits, organized fashion samples, and conducted interviews.  At the end of my internship, I also had a personal essay published in the October/November 2015 issue.  At Splash, I wrote content for both the magazine and the website, fact-checked pieces, conducted and transcribed interviews, helped with event setup, and managed social media.  At both internships, I was given additional responsibilities because of my ability to produce good work fast and because of my can-do attitude.  I’ve also volunteered as a contributing writer for Mission Magazine, the first philanthropic fashion media brand.  I pitched and wrote personal essays and interviews for the publication, which focuses on a different social justice issue every six months.  After writing for these different publications,  I am comfortable adjusting my voice to suit different outlets, but especially those that address readers, women especially, with an empowering and fun tone.

Beyond my experience, what sets me apart is my efficiency, work ethic, and overall passion for the media industry.  When I am assigned a task, I get to work immediately–the word “procrastination” is not in my vocabulary.  I am also a fast writer and worker.  This doesn’t mean I am careless–quite the opposite, I’m a perfectionist–but rather that I am good at producing quality work in a short period of time.  

The final thing you need to know about me is how I live and breathe lifestyle media. It’s not just the field in which I want to work, but my hobby.  In the pages of my favorite magazines and websites I find a blend of three of the things about which I am most passionate: fashion, empowering messages for women, and great writing.  That is the kind of content I want to create.

Thank you for visiting my site and getting to know me.  Click around to read my clips, get in touch, and learn more about me.